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A Brief, but Nice Chat with Nick Arata

July 31, 2009 - Austin Gisriel

Nick Arata When Martha and I recently went out to Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown to see the Suns play, we had the opportunity to chat briefly with former New Market Rebel Nick Arata.  Nick, who didn't know us, was happy to see Rebel fans nonetheless and fondly recalled staying with Mona Wolfe.  He was glad to hear that we had beaten Luray several times.  He thanked us for "remembering him" (how humble and gracious!) and we hope to get out again to see Nick.  As of 7/30/09, Nick is hitting .223 in 66 games for the Suns.  For more of Nick's stats and for the Suns remaining schedule, in case anyone would like to come see Nick play go to the Suns website.

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