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The Shenandoah Valley Grandstand Managers Club of New Market (SVGM) is a fan organization formed to support the New Market Rebels team, the Valley League, the Shockers, and Little League baseball. It aims to promote family entertainment, baseball and community action, all rolled up into one. It aids the team in presenting the games, supplementing efforts by Rebels volunteers. The club raises money for the team, it holds dinners for the fans, issues a newsletter and tells people about the Rebels and the Valley League. Most of all, it provides a nucleus for fans to cheer for the team.


The SVGM was formed by a small group of people in 1993 and was the idea of Eddie Crane, a Washington sportswriter who has since passed away. Since then, the SVGM has grown to be an integral part of the Rebels organization acting as a focal point for fan participation in the program.


Each spring the SVGM contacts new and old fans and offers season tickets at a discount from the regular season game-by-game price. It maintains contact with the fans and through it, volunteers staff the entrance gate at the home games. SVGM members raise money for the Rebels and its proceeds go mainly to the Rebels organization with lesser amounts directed to Little League and other baseball operations in the area.

Each year in late April or early May the SVGM holds it's annual banquet which is the formal kick-off for the New Market Rebels summer season. In addition to the SVGM President and the Rebels President and general Manager, the banquet features special guest speakers, usually including the coach who provides information about the current team, Valley Baseball League officials, and special awards and recognition of people in the New Market Rebels organization. The room is decorated with Rebels trophies and memorabilia and Rebels souvenirs are available. You can view the 2009 SVGM banquet photo album and Austin Gisriel's description of the 2009 SVGM Banquet.

The officers and directors are elected at the club's annual banquet.

The Grandstand Managers Club membership fee is $80.00 (single) or $120.00 (couple) per year.

Members of the Grandstand Managers Club can purchase Reserved Seats for 3 years at a cost of $225 per seat (savings per seat: $105).

2010 Officers

Strawderman, Larry - President
Torovsky, Richard - Secretary
Constable, Tom - Treasurer

2010 Directors

Constable, Tom
Linski, Sr., Tom
Orndorff, Richard
Powell, Dick
Pruett, Ken
Rogers, George
Strawderman, Larry
Torovsky, Richard
Zuspan, Jay


Anyone interested in learning more about the Rebels, in attending their games or in becoming a member of the Managers Club, please write the Shenandoah Valley Grandstand Managers Club, P.O. Box 902, New Market, VA 22844. We'll by glad to hear from you and we would be happy to send you an application.

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