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The Moon, the Mountain, and Mo

This poem, written by Austin Gisriel, appeared in the June 2007 issue of the Bryce Mountain Courier.

The moon, the mountain and Mo.
As Rebel fans everywhere know--
A trio that makes the summertime go--
The moon, the mountain, and Mo.

The moon.  A luminous, pure white ball
Rising above the big green wall.
Rising, rising into the night
Like a home run ball in slow motion flight.

The mountain.  A perfect background for the game.
Unlike the players, ever the same.
Rising above the outfield lights
A billboard of green from left to right.

And Mo.  Like summer itself, he returns every June.
Constant as the mountain, bright as the moon.
Each year from his familiar coaches’ box
The shepherd guides his uniformed flocks.

This magical trio has a mystical power
To deny the season and defy the hour.
Thus, to the pilgrims’ shrine I go
To keep score of every detail so
That when it’s cold and dark
I can conjure summer in Rebel Park.

I simply use my imagination
And picture that holy destination.
And when faced with winter’s woe
I think of the moon,
The mountain,
And Mo.

Copyright© 2007 Austin Gisriel. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission.

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